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Monthly Archives: May 2021

    Remembering & Honoring Our Fallen Heroes

    By Admin | May 31, 2021

    Memorial Day "Let us not forget the brave men and women who fought for our country Read More

    Buying a Home Is Still Affordable

    By Admin | May 27, 2021

    There are three main factors that go into determining how affordable homes are for buyers:Mortgage Rates,Mortgage Payments as a Percentage of Incomeand Home Prices Read More

    Sellers Are Ready To Enter the Housing Market

    By Admin | May 20, 2021

    One-in-ten homeowners plans to sell this year, with 63 percent of those, looking to list in the next 6 months! Read More

    The Power of Mortgage Pre-Approval

    By Admin | May 17, 2021

    Being pre-approved for a loan can give you clarity while planning your homebuying budget, confidence in your ability to secure a loan, and a competitive edge in a bidding war. Read More

    4 Major Reasons Households in Forbearance Won’t Lose Their Homes to Foreclosure

    By Admin | May 6, 2021

    There has been a lot of discussion as to what will happen once the 2.3 million households currently in forbearance no longer have the protection of the program. Some assume there could potentially be millions of foreclosures ready to hit the market. However, there are four reasons that won’t happen. 1. Almost 50% Leave Forbearance... Read More

    4 Big Incentives for Homeowners to Sell Now

    By Admin | May 6, 2021

    The key to continued success in the residential housing market is for more listings to come on the market. However, many homeowners are concerned that selling their homes could be challenging for several reasons. Read More

    Is Home Price Appreciation Accelerating Again?

    By Admin | May 3, 2021

    At the beginning of the year, industry forecasts called for home price appreciation to slow to about half of the double-digit increase we saw last year. The thinking was that inventory would increase from record-low levels and put an end to the bidding wars that have driven home prices up over the past twelve months. However, that... Read More