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Monthly Archives: July 2021

    3 Hot Topics in the Housing Market Right Now

    By Admin | July 27, 2021

    New technology, remote work, housing supply, and home affordability are key factors in the housing market right now for both buyers and sellers. If you want to better understand how these topics can impact you, let’s connect today.?Call Dave today at 907-863-7289 or Travis at 907-575-6779 Read More

    Pop Quiz: Can You Define These Key Terms in Today’s Housing Market?

    By Admin | July 23, 2021

    The language of buying and selling a home may sound scary at first, but knowing how key terms relate to today’s market can help you. Don't let industry speak intimidate you. Instead, Let's connect today so you have a trusted advisor to help you simplify the process Read More

    What You Should Do Before Interest Rates Rise

    By Admin | July 20, 2021

    In today’s real estate market, mortgage interest rates are near record lows. If you’ve been in your current home for several years and haven’t refinanced lately, there’s a good chance you have a mortgage with an interest rate higher than today’s average. Here are some options you should consider if you want to take advantage of today’s current low rates before they rise. Read More

    Why This Isn’t Your Typical Summer Housing Market

    By Admin | July 14, 2021

    In real estate, it’s normal to see ebbs and flows in the market. Typically, the summer months are slower-paced than the traditionally busy spring. But this isn’t a typical summer. As the economy rebounds and life is returning to normal, the real estate market is expected to have an unusually strong summer season. Read More

    A Look at Home Price Appreciation Through 2025

    By Admin | July 7, 2021

    Home prices have increased significantly over the last year, which in turn has grown the net worth of homeowners. Appreciation and home equity are directly linked – as the value of a home increases, so does a homeowner’s equity. And with these recent gains, homeowners are witnessing their financial stability and well-being grow to record levels. Read More

    A Remarkable Day In Our Nation’s History!

    By Admin | July 4, 2021

    The over 50 signers also signed their death warrants that day. I'm thankful for their courage & vision and am sure proud of the United States of America, the greatest nation of laws & freedom the world has ever seen. We wish you a joyful and safe celebration of this remarkable day in our nation's history! Read More