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Monthly Archives: December 2021

    2022 Housing Market Forecast

    By Admin | December 22, 2021

    Here’s what experts project for 2022. Mortgage rates are projected to rise and so are home prices. Experts are forecasting buyer demand will remain strong as people try to capitalize on rates and prices before they climb, creating another strong year for home sales. Read More

    Valley and Anchorage Multifamily Real Estate Market Update

    By Admin | December 16, 2021

    I took a look at the multi-family real estate marketplace in both the Valley and Anchorage. Owning an investment property remains the best way to build long term wealth in my opinion and there are always opportunities. I know one ex landlord that sold several properties in 2019 and is really kicking himself now watching how rents have increased dramatically and vacancy rates dropping especially in the Mat-Su Valley. Rents have increased 10-20% in 2021 and no problem having a choice of tenants. Finding a good deal on a rental property is a challenge with low inventory but you just need to be ready for when the right property shows up (or we have to find it!). Also a great time to sell with prices appreciating and low competition. Read More

    Advice for First-Generation Homebuyers

    By Admin | December 14, 2021

    If you’re a first-generation homebuyer, being prepared and working with a trusted expert is key to achieving your dream. Let’s connect today so you can get started on your path to homeownership. Read More

    Two Reasons Why Waiting To Buy a Home Will Cost You

    By Admin | December 10, 2021

    When asking if you should buy a home, you may think of the non-financial benefits of homeownership. When asking when to buy, the financial benefits make it clear that doing so now is much more advantageous than waiting until next year. Read More

    Tips for Single Homebuyers: How To Make Your Dream a Reality

    By David Johnson | December 2, 2021

    While buying a home solo can feel like a big challenge, it doesn’t have to be. If you lean on the professionals, they can help you navigate these waters and make sure you’re able to take advantage of the great opportunities in today’s housing market (like low mortgage rates) to buy your dream home. Read More