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Author Archives: David Johnson

    Have Home Values Hit Bottom?

    By David Johnson | January 20, 2023

    The chart provides a look at the most recent reports from Case-Shiller, the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA), Black Knight, and CoreLogic. It shows how, on a national scale, home values have changed month-over-month since January 2022. November and December numbers have yet to come out. While that doesn’t guarantee home price depreciation has hit bottom, it confirms prices aren’t in a free fall, and it may be an early signal that the worst is already behind us. Read More

    November Real Estate Market Update with Dave and Travis!

    By David Johnson | November 28, 2022

    First, my friend Marty Van Diest with Valley Market Real Estate shares my fondness for putting together the market trends to help predict where things are going. He took a look at the month of October sales for the last 5 years which I think illustrates well where we site right now. His numbers are for the entire Mat-Su Valley residential real estate FYI. There has been a big drop in the number of sales (this is true nationwide as well). 171 closed sales in October of this year versus 183 back in "normal" 2019 tells some of the story. Notice though that the average sales price is up considerably (roughly 35%) since 2019 highlighting the incredible gain in equity we have seen in the last couple years! Most people will say that the higher interest rates are the main cause in the drop in sales. Sure it is part of the reason but the big driver I think is lack of supply (again a nationwide issue). More about that below when we look at supply and demand. Travis & I have about 5 buyers ready to buy if we could just find them the right property, generally in the $300-400,000 price range. Nice homes listing in that range are still selling quickly and for top dollar. And mortgage interest rates dropped nicely of late which is helpful. Read More

    June 2022 Residential Real Estate Market Update Dave & Travis!

    By David Johnson | June 16, 2022

    At a glance comparing last year to this year there is a considerable change. Supply is up over 60% and climbing quickly. Pending sales are down over 20% from last year. The ratio between Active & Pending has dropped from an insane 327% to 133% (compared to "normal" in 2019, (60%). BUT, what blows me away (and I keep double checking my numbers) is that Closed Sales are actually MORE than last year with 849 vs 817 (622 in "normal" 2019)!!! How can that be? Only one reason makes sense. Where it took 60+ days to close last year we are getting it done "normally" in 30-40 days now. So people are continuing to buy homes at a record pace! Oh, and the average sales price is up about 9% so far this year (comparable to the national average)! Read More

    Tips for Single Homebuyers: How To Make Your Dream a Reality

    By David Johnson | December 2, 2021

    While buying a home solo can feel like a big challenge, it doesn’t have to be. If you lean on the professionals, they can help you navigate these waters and make sure you’re able to take advantage of the great opportunities in today’s housing market (like low mortgage rates) to buy your dream home. Read More


    By David Johnson | March 18, 2021

    Please test drive our new & improved Quickly & securely search for properties, set up to be notified immediately when properties you like hit the market, get your home’s estimated value immediately, check out financing options and more. Your feedback would really be appreciated!  “RESIDENTIAL MARKET UPDATE FROM DAVE AND TRAVIS” It is harder and... Read More